The Ophelia Bag - a small, charming carry-on item  


During my last trip to Milan, fashion as well as convenience was obviously of paramount importance. How could it be otherwise, when you're traveling to Milan for Fashion Week.   When the whole trip only takes 24 hours, there is no time for compromise. That is why I already wore my soft checkered coat, comfortable flats and a silk dress with AIGNER's black Ophelia Bag - for the necessary twist - during the flight from Hamburg to Milan. The perfect combination for traveling comfortably as well as elegantly.  

Moreover, I already do not like carrying a lot of hand luggage, I want to feel free and enjoy keeping an eye on everything as well as having it ready at hand. Besides, this time, I had also packed two suitcases I had to lug around before and after the flight in order to be armed for the planned streetstyle shootings... During check-in, I already received the first compliments for the Ophelia Bag's sophisticated form and gold twist closure, and I had scarcely landed when an Italian stewardess raved over its design and asked about the brand. The bag is exquisite, it's true, and a real feast for the eyes thanks to its handle. On the other hand, the possibility of wearing it crossbody makes it seem very casual.  

By the way, aside from the elegant shade of black, it is also available in red, taupe and burgundy.

But now I'm off to the hotel and the shooting in the streets of Milan.
I will tell you more about it in my next article!

Yours truly, Kate