#AIGNERLOVE is in the air – with the Roma Bag  

What if I told you that you will meet your great love today?  
You're telling me you've already found it? Well just you wait. I am not talking about the wonderful love between two people, but rather the more material, but still beautiful and in this case timeless love. So did you hit it off?   

We are talking about the Roma Bag in Raspberry Pink from the current #AIGNERLOVE Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. In combination with the strap which is available separately, it is basically screaming 'Valentine's Day - hold me tight and never let me go'.  

If you choose a pink AIGNER bag, you will not only carry love in your heart but also hold it in your hand. Everyday treasures, big and small, are well-protected and have their place here. Thanks to this bag, every outfit gains a feminine, good-humored touch.   

So if you want to fall in love, you can do it instantly! And believe me, the stars are in our favor, so that this love can actually endure forever.   

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yours truly, Kate