By the way, have I told you that my first AIGNER bag was a hobo bag? And I do not mean my flea market finds from the seventies. No, I am talking about the hobo bag I bought with my first self-earned money when I was in my early twenties. My pride was written all over my face from the start and whatever I was wearing, this pouch was able to make a statement out of any outfit. Unfortunately, exactly this hobo bag was stolen a few years ago at a festival. Therefore, the one thing that remains is the memory of a terrific, very stylish time. 

When I held AIGNER's new quilted Roma Bag in my hands recently, the same spell came over me again, and with it the feeling only a child looking at its favorite toy would be familiar with. 

I do not have to explain to you how practical these hobo bags are: you can combine them casually, use them to flee the country immediately or search yourself to death in them. They are built to last for eternity. Therefore, it is worth investing a second time, for example in this cool model from the current Fall/Winter 2017 Collection!  

But my new bag has received a small update – I added the new straps from AIGNER. In a way, every bag needs its own story, doesn't it?

Yours truly, Kate