The best thing about summer are the balmy evenings, right? When the asphalt has stored up the day's heat and the sunset is burned into our memories. We can feel every new freckle and enjoy even the slightest gust of wind on our face. We left the house this morning in order to have breakfast with some friends, but we forgot time and space and went to the lake, the park, the open-air cinema, the ice-cream parlor - we were just slap-bang in the middle of summer. Who doesn't know that feeling? Was something missing? No, because we were carrying everything we needed on our wrist. In the last collection, AIGNER's Sefora Bag already constituted the bottomless response to the perfect 24/7-bag. Now it's available in a coarse leather as well as the pony skin look and its design can still be varied with the magnet function at the side.  

Nonchalance shows its elegant side and I fall in love with it all over again!

Yours truly, Kate