Tonda Bag – Love makes the world go round  


Some moments are just so magical you can barely hold on to them. They are right under our noses and yet, we don't recognize them. That's what first happened to me with this look in Milan. I was sad and disappointed because we did not have the time or a suitable location in the proximity of our apartment in order to take pictures of this - one of my absolute favorite looks - before the AIGNER fashion show.  

And yet I had made sure to set aside this ensemble, consisting of a jumpsuit, a coat and THE bag, the Tonda Bag - everything from AIGNER - for the ceremonial finale of an exciting day. And now I would have to put all of it back into my suitcase without a shooting? I was sad and went out onto the balcony in order to get some fresh air, when I suddenly heard the camera clicking behind me.  There it was, the best location of the day – right in our apartment. The light, the facade of the houses opposite, everything fit perfectly and gave my look the setting it deserved.  

On this occasion, I would like to thank the photographer, my husband, who always manages to capture this very special magic for me.  

You can buy my favorite look of the season, consisting of a jumpsuit, a coat and of course, the beautiful Tonda Bag, in selected AIGNER shops. Moreover, the Tonda Bag is available in an exclusive special edition. Until the end of the year, you can buy the Charity Tonda Bag which is limited to 500 pieces directly here in the online-shop or in every AIGNER shop. Every sale supports charitable children's relief projects from TRIBUTE TO BAMBI - Aid for children in need.  

Yours truly, Kate