After the all-embracing love we experienced during the AIGNER Spring/Summer 2018 Collection, we will let ourselves be enchanted by AIGNER's Wunderkammer. What does that mean? It is time for a new collection. A changeover from summer to winter. Even though we are just now dreaming of these warm summer days. But it is worth it! 

The new theme of the Fall/Winter 2018 collection, 'Wunderkammer', is so wonderfully apt for a brand which succeeds in always reinventing itself and staying true to its typical DNA at the same time. For the new collection, Creative director Christian Beck drew on curiosities, antique relics, private treasures and mystical objects in particular, which could be found in the 'Wunderkammer' of the late Renaissance and the Baroque period and represent the precursors of today's museums. In the Wunderkammer of the mostly cosmopolitan traveling salesmen, objects of different origins and purposes were frequently displayed and produced exciting contrasts between the known and the unknown, the real and the surreal as well as between opulence and minimalism. AIGNER's 'Wunderkammer' is also a collection of dichotomies. Prints and embroideries from faraway countries encounter clean forms and surfaces. Materials are mixed or delicate details are combined with solid fittings and metal parts.

I am particularly happy to be able to present the small Genoveva bag as the first model from the new collection. This bag has been my faithful companion since the beginning of my cooperation with AIGNER without ever becoming boring! However, I have never seen an incarnation like this season's. In a potpourri of contrasts, it makes a mix of patterns socially acceptable again. Leo print in combination with colorful ornaments as well as the gold handle we already know. As if you carried a treasure from the aforementioned Wunderkammer. From a museum of earlier times to the modern age and back.  In this collection, the Genoveva Bag will again be available in two sizes. A long crossbody strap provides all the freedom we may need and its large inner workings offer a lot of room for all the wonders we may encounter on a daily basis.  

Chapeau, AIGNER, I take my hat off to you for this extraordinarily beautiful collection.

Yours truly, Kate