Today, let's talk about timeless classics.  

When I was recently invited to dinner, I had the typical problem of what to wear - every woman who has a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear will be familiar with it. Not letting this spoil my evening, I trusted in my basic rule number one: at least one piece of clothing should be a classic! At best, it's an elegant handbag, because according to basic rule number two, you have to invest in high-class accessories, since they turn a simple outfit into a tasteful one. So I already had the bag, in this case AIGNER's Zoe bag icon. Big enough to be able to carry everything needed for the evening, but small enough to pass for an evening bag lying on the table. Furthermore, the good thing about AIGNER's monogram print is that the pattern can be combined with every outfit. It has a particularly breathtaking effect when combined with black. So choosing an outfit was child's play after all, since the small bag gave me the idea of keeping it small in general: Cropped pants with flounces and a belly top. Et voilà!  

The evening was a success and my outfit worth a short story!  

Yours truly, Kate