Finally… What a divine feeling to arrive at the Cote D’Azur for the beginning of the summer. It is warm, breezy and full of colours, yet the upcoming waves of tourists and summer vacationers haven’t arrived yet.

As I walk the beach with my little family – an ice cream cone replacing the rose wine of the years before - I have to admit that St Tropez is once again one of my favourite places to come to. The province has its own, special flair arising out of years of catering to international visitors while unbendingly keeping the slightly brusque southern French charm. A few of the beaches, even though they are famous, are actually not that great for bathing or playing in the sand. But where the beach lacks, the dining makes up for it. Cracking lobster legs and finishing an amazing meal with fresh strawberries surrounded by laughing families and big groups of friends is indeed a beautiful way to spend a day.

But not only the food is worth swooning for: The French flair in the tiny hidden streets catapults you straight into any romantic French film you have ever seen. Each year I discover a new alley, a new café or shop charmingly embedded in the beautiful Cote D’Azur buildings. Here I walk the lanes with my little black messenger bag ‘Ophelia’ by AIGNER, pretending to be French and feeling absolutely at home. The classy and yet understated bohemian look of ‘Ophelia’ fits perfectly into the summer setting of the Riviera, nicely completing my summer mood of a big hat and flowing gown. With AIGNER at my side I explore the coastline, my boys alongside me. Matteo’s big eyes take in every new colour and shade while Luca adventurously leads the way, collecting shells and rocks as we go.

I must say, boys, bag and ice-cream… There is nothing left to ask for.

Have a happy and beautiful week, XX Viktoria