When did I actually wear a backpack last time?! Yes okay, when I was hiking during holidays but never really for fashion reasons. I think the last time was when I was a teen in middle school. Later then, the cool kids were wearing shoulder bags, which where ridiculously long until the knees. So, this piece - I mean the backpack - which was considered as incredibly uncool is today one of the most wanted fashion pieces on the runway, in magazines and on the streets.The backpack is definitely a cool and casual alternative to the handbag. And to be honest I forgot the fact how convinient a backpack actually is. Especially when you are traveling longer distances and don't want to get bothered by a bulky shoulder bag, the new AIGNER Doc bag out of the Dottore series is the perfect solution. Convinient and stylish at the same time, the backpack is always an upgrade to any casual look. And especially because it celebrates its comeback, the backpack is an eyecatcher par excellence.