Christian, you have been working for AIGNER as Creative Director for 10 years and already have many collections behind you. What motivated you to dedicate your latest collection to the art and literature genre of Dadaism?

Fashion always relates to art – the inspiration for new designs often has a historical reference. Ultimately, a collection is always an expression of current events, i.e. what is currently happening and what will continue to be important in the future. Art, culture and social changes thus have an influence and shape ideas.

Dadaism represents rebellion against the ordinary. How do you personally break out of your comfort zone, both privately and professionally as Creative Director at AIGNER?

Basically, I always leave my comfort zone whenever I create a collection. It’s important to go off the eaten track and be open to new influences. Every collection plays with the future, because you have to be ware of what trends will come.

Where do you draw inspiration from? What inspires you in the design process?

I am always full of ideas and am inspired by everyday life. The important thing is to go around with your eyes open and follow what’s happening. The most unusual places are a source of ideas, inspirations and currents – these have to be captured and implemented for our customers.

What makes the AIGNER brand unique for you?

Only a few national or international companies have a history like AIGNER and are still under sole ownership – that’s great and something special. We are happy about where the brand stands today. But it should not stay that way: we still have a lot ahead of us.

Why should every woman own at least one AIGNER bag?

As a German brand, AIGNER stands for unique craftsmanship, the highest quality and perfection in every detail. When a woman chooses this, she makes a statement. She can choose from timeless classics to current “it” pieces. For this reason alone, she needs at least two bags.