With the Carol Bag against the November blues

Autumn is colorful. It warms our hearts with its blaze of color and it is not for nothing that it is called the "golden season" in German. But of course, there are also downsides to the autumn season. For example, when it rains incessantly for days and the wind whips the barren branches against the windows. Those who possess the right bag for such occasions are lucky. One with which you do not want to hide at home, even in nasty weather. A bag you want to take outside. Today is one of these gray days. This is why I chose various brown and camel tones and comfy jeans. A perfect basis. It just needs a spot of color against the November dreariness. AIGNER's Carol Bag with its vibrant shade of blue is the perfect fit and since it is so light when worn on one's shoulder, it is my ideal daily bag not only for today - good mood included! My model is the smallest of the series and just like the other versions, it captivates us with its clean design and a decorative shoulder strap. The latter is equipped with half-moon shaped cuts, which lend an avantgardistic note to the bag with the two-tone look. Moreover, an additional color accent is found in the interior compartment of the bag. Also, an additional shoulder strap makes it possible to wear the bag as a crossover.  How does the saying go: There is no bad weather, there is only unsuitable clothing?! So rely on color accents which will make your November light up! 

Yours, Kate