Don‘t worry, be happy – With the Zoe Bag, AIGNER is flaunting color  

The gray days are numbered, because here comes the latest Zoe Bag from the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection. My ultimate summer bag for this season. Even if I currently still have to combine it with a winter coat and long pants.   

In keeping with the spirit of the new DADA Collection, we can all look forward to a fresh, varied color palette for spring/summer. The collection’s central logo play was applied to the front of the Zoe Bag and has an extremely refreshing effect. Nevertheless, AIGNER remain true to themselves with the bag’s clean form and workmanship and thus, skillfully combine cherished elements with new ones.   

If you prefer setting smaller accents, you should consider choosing the Zoe Crossbody Bag instead, and all those who will have to carry around a lot this summer will certainly be very happy with the shopper.  

The shoes are also part of the current Spring/Summer 2019 Collection and with their red block heel, they represent another eye-catcher. Moreover, they are almost as comfortable as sneakers! 

You can truly sense the Zoe Bag’s energy. Everything seems to be possible when you’re wearing it. Whether you go for a creative mix and match or for masterful restraint in order to focus all the attention on it...

‘Don’t worry, be happy’ or as we like to say this season: #BEDADA   

Yours, Kate