It seems as though we will not be able to avoid this trend during the coming autumn and winter. And why should we? We love this symmetrical pattern which subliminally symbolizes clarity and poise. Did you know that? This way, strong women like us make a bold statement in favor of fashionable power dressing.

In the context of AIGNER’s current Enlightenment Fall/Winter 2019 Collection, power is an important keyword in general – nowadays, we want to take a stand for something without losing our femininity and cheerfulness. We have never been able to be as confident as today. What others think of us is not important. 

Luckily, AIGNER was one of the first brands to pick up and understand this trend. Obviously, the Cybill as well as the Cavallina Bag have squared no effort. You should invest in this it-bag, before the Instagram feeds proclaim the hype for tartans to the whole world. Just a little insider tip from me! It is with good reason that the check fad also reminds us of the grunge movement’s fashion of the 90s, influenced by bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. At the time, the plaid shirt was the symbol of a whole fashion revolution.

I myself like to style the check pattern according to the motto “all is permitted that pleases” and today, the all-over look pleases me. Which does not mean that I might not wear a wild mix of styles tomorrow or prosaically combine it with jeans and a t-shirt. 

The only challenge: you can choose the AIGNER check pattern in two color variations – dark mauve or deep blue. What is your wild fashionista’s heart passionate for?

You should really check out this trend!

Yours, Kate