Attention! You will not be able to avoid the bag I want to present to you now. Too many good arguments supported by two handles. The details are too sophisticated for us to be able to withstand them. The classic form and its prints – bar none. Cavallina is Italian and means young mare. Do I have to say more? However, I will start with the smallest Cavallina from the series, very slowly, so that you do not bolt from the stable. 

At the beginning of the year, I initially had to keep it a secret, because I was already allowed to shoot AIGNER’s Cavallina series in Milan in order to show it to you today. An incredible honor with such a model. Inspired from AIGNER’s archives and brought back to the modern era, the handbag comes with a shoulder strap, a contrasting metallic mirror in green and a classic leather cord. If you try to widen the bag at the outer edges, the outer leather strap gains in tension and you get more freedom when packing the handbag. Even with this small version. 

Oh, what can I say, you absolutely need to take a closer look at it in an AIGNER store near you or here in the online-shop - you will love this bag. The delicate shade of pink completes its list of features.

Yours, Kate