There are elegant bags and then there is the Fiorentina Bag. Ladies, forget everything you thought you knew about eye-catchers. The Fiorentina Crystal Bag will make you sparkle like a star in the sky and awards 100 glitter points to every outfit. 

I was so excited to be able to wear this bestseller series in the special crystal version from the current Enlightenment Fall/Winter 2019 Collection for you that impulsively, I could only think of wearing it with a black outfit. There was no way I was going to steal these jewels’ thunder. However, what I realized when wearing it was: “Baby, with these bags, you are the show!” It does not matter at all what you combine it with, it always looks amazing. You don’t believe me? I will happily post another picture for you soon, with jeans and a t-shirt. 

I immediately decided on both versions of the series, so that you can see the entire range of sparkling radiance. Whether you choose the belt bag or the handle/shoulder bag, both models are available in black-white or pink-white. 

Watch out for the backlighting! The sparkle and shine is already visible from afar! The crystal decorations are framed by golden settings and perfectly complement the studs on the outer edges and the metal parts on the fastening, logo and shoulder strap. Fine craftsmanship from AIGNER, as usual. 

If you want more, you can add the perfect finish to the handle bag with a studded strap, like me. Those who want variety simply wear the belt bag crossbody and thus pair the existing glamour with a generous helping of coolness. 

Heads up, flight risk! I may just abscond with both of these bags. Can you tell me how to get to Hollywood?

Yours, Kate