Gray to colorful – Watch the Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Show today in the live stream  

Is there anything better than already looking forward to next summer, when it's autumn right now?! Exactly! And that is exactly why I want to invite you to follow AIGNER's Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Show in Milan today with me. The live stream at 7 pm makes it possible - wherever you might be staying. At the moment, I am taking a holiday on beautiful Mallorca and resting my baby belly. In my thoughts however, my rapidly beating fashion heart is with the show and the AIGNER team. I can tell you this much: it will be phenomenally colorful and surprise us all once again.

So why not think about the next season already, increase the anticipation and be one step ahead of the upcoming trends? THIS WAY TO THE LIVE STREAM

What I am wearing for my home show? A trend which is currently probably on everyone's lips - or rather everyone's hands and feet. The Lucy Bag from the current Fall & Winter Collection 2017 with the matching "Diane" lace-ups in silver-metallic (also available in gold-metallic). A trend we will definitely also see this autumn/winter. Made for those who long for some rays of sunshine in the dismal gray or have glitter in their name.

We'll see you live later!
Yours truly, Kate