My visit to the AIGNER Store Palma and why velvet is anything but a winter fabric

While the fashion world looks toward Milan for Fashion Week, I am spending my last holiday before the birth of my daughter on Mallorca, in a small province an hour's drive from Palma. But those who know me understand that lying in the sun for days and boredom on the beach - even in my current state - are out of the question for me. Visiting Palma and going shopping is part of the mandatory program, just like a visit to the AIGNER Store in the Calle Jovellanos 8, a small side road in one of the most fashionable shopping districts of the town.

And even though I found many already known and beloved bags from the current Fall/Winter 2017 Collection, like the Diadora Bag, the Pina, the Lea and the Lexi Bag, under the warm sun of Spain, they still also seem like new exotic models just waiting to be taken out for a spin with all the pretty summer dresses. The genial store manager told me the Lexi Bag is the island's it-bag this year and had to be reordered several times, just like the Pina Bag. Besides, the velvet Pina I wore that afternoon was sold to a charming woman from Hamburg in my presence. This pleased me terribly, since I apparently managed to inspire her even with my big ball of a belly. Moreover, it emphasized my theory that velvet can also be an elegant summer fabric, as long as it is combined with silk or jeans.

So the next time you are going on holiday on the beautiful island of Mallorca, you should absolutely pay a visit to the AIGNER store. If you're lucky and come at the right time, you may even be able to snatch up one of the limited Cybill Bags Mallorca.

Until then, sunny greetings from the island Kate