You've got a handle on everything with the Genoveva Bag! 

If only everything in life was as handy as AIGNER’s new Genoveva Bag. 
In my opinion, with this bag, at least all potential styling problems are a thing of the past, because it is not only its unique format with the practical separation into three compartments that is unbeatable. Its colorfulness and exquisite glossy finish round off even the most extraordinary look. And that is not only true for this natural shade of brown. It is also simply perfect in blue and black. You have to know that the Genoveva has been a part of the AIGNER family for a long time. It has been promoted to a classic for good reason. I think it is due to the fact that it always manages to reinvent itself every season. Staying true to its style nonetheless, for the current Spring/Summer collection, it is as steadfast and graceful as we have always longed to be. 

I carry it firmly in my hands or in all other circumstances, as a crossbody bag. As is the case for today’s look, I like to combine it with nude-colored - or clean black looks. 

I am already looking forward to all the cool looks you will be creating with this bag on Instagram (don’t forget to add the hashtag #AIGNER and @aignermunich). There should be no limits to the number of ideas! Like I said before, you’ve got a handle on everything with the Genoveva!

Yours, Kate