Beautiful, shapely, natural, versatile and elegant, uncomplicated, confident, often up for a bit of fun, a true all-round talent and equipped with many other useful characteristics. And I could go on and on for hours. Admit it, all these features somehow make you think about your own mother or the mother of your children. Am I right?

However, I am talking about AIGNER’s new Grazia Bag. Buuuut – I had good reason to choose this bag in order to talk to you about the most important person in our lives. After all, Mother’s Day is around the corner and believe me, this bag is worth a thousand words. It sports one of this year’s summer colors, Dusk Blue, and therefore makes its wearer’s eyes shine twice as much. If you are unsure about the color, you can also decide between brown and black. 

The unassuming shoulder bag really is suited for many different occasions. Playground, office, dinner or everyday life, whether classic or elegant: The little Grazia is a true styling marvel. The two gold horse’s heads on the sides of the Grazia Bag are a special bonus. They represent the brand’s inimitable heritage mindset and symbolize fidelity, origins, solidarity and endless love.

Very fitting, don’t you agree?

Yours, Kate