Milano Bag – 5 reasons for wearing a blue bag  

As you know, I love colors. And I know you do too. If you still have a few doubts, I have compiled for you 

5 reasons for wearing a blue bag:

1. Clear blue is the color of the sky when the sun is shining. Everybody likes sunshine and blue skies. 

2. Pantone cannot be mistaken. Classic Blue is the color of the year 2020. AIGNER is also never wrong and is perhaps providing the matching bag of the year, the Milano Bag in “Dusk Blue”. 

3. Blue jeans probably are the piece of clothing which is easiest to combine. Why? Well, simply put, blue and jeans. A great combination. Easygoing! And the same goes for blue and bag! 

4. Of course, I also have to quote a few facts from the theory of colors now. Blue not only symbolizes fidelity, imagination and the truth, it also encourages serenity and promotes relaxation. So if somebody asks why we cannot stop staring at our Milano Bag, you can provide an answer. It is due to the relaxing effect. 

5. Big is not big enough, at least in the case of the Milano Bag, because that much blue really comes into it’s own on this practical bag. 

Moreover, it is perfectly suited to be used as a diaper bag or convenient hand luggage when traveling. The handy 2-way zipper makes it easy to open the bag quickly and to easily access one’s possessions. 

You can find just as many reasons to wear other colors? Then you are in luck, since the Milano Bag is also available in the shades Black, Dusty Rose and Vacchetta Brown. 

Thank you, Kate