Ocelot, jeans and velvet – my style with the Cybill Bag Velluto

Today, for the first time since nine months of pregnancy and seven months of having two children, I dug out my favorite high waist jeans. The best thing: it fits! Not as loosely as before, but I still feel good. Because I am now in a new stage of life which is not only fun for me but which also makes me feel good and which I like. And that is what it is all about! So with a few new pieces, my well-known favorite jeans turn into a new attitude towards life. A bit like AIGNER's current Wunderkammer Fall/Winter 2018 Collection.  
Creative director Christian Alexander Beck drew on the cabinets of wonder of the Late Renaissance and the Baroque period, combined very different materials and boldly brought together patterns and styles which do not seem to match at first glance.

I also currently favor nothing so much as this. Now that the summer is slowly nearing its end and we are looking forward to new fabrics, colors and cuts and yet not willing to let go of the delicate, light summer fabrics. This is why today, I am combining my favorite jeans and my light summer blouse in the leo print with the new puristic Cybill Bag Velluto made of exquisite velvet. In my eyes, this combination goes equally well with warm days in late summer as with the first harsh autumn wind.

In order to be even closer to the fashion Olympus, I am matching this outfit with the new AIGNER plateau sneakers in the trendy ocelot print. On the whole, I feel on top of the world with this look – in summer as well as in autumn! 

Yours, Kate