I am often asked which bag I can recommend as an AIGNER starter model or which bag always, always, always is a safe choice. In both cases, my recommendation is: The Mila Bag! Depending on how much space you need, you can choose between the sizes S and M. But the best thing about it is that this pure model in smooth leather truly suits everyone! Even men, by the way! Because the Mila is one of the few AIGNER series with a metal finish in silver. Thanks to the many strap versions which AIGNER again offers this season, you can provide the per se cleanly designed bag with an extra cool touch. If you prefer an elegant clutch, you can just leave the strap at home. 

Since I know that you also like unpretentious and calm looks which manage to not seem boring, I chose the perfect combination today: the Mila Bag M in olive with a black studded strap. At the moment, I could wear this look every day. Straightforward but stylish, with a bag underlining the good taste of its wearer.   

Yours, Kate