Small bag, huge coolness factor – the Sefora Mini Bag!  

"I know that one!" A sentence you actually get to hear quite often during the Fashion Week in New York, Paris and also Milan. But I'm not talking about certain street styles or bloggers, but AIGNER's Sefora Bag in the practical mini version. A few weeks ago, I already combined the Sefora's bigger model with a summer look. Today, I wore the mini version with a leather jacket and a modern pleated skirt. The coarse leather and the crossbody belt provide the necessary coolness factor and make the small bag look really big!   

Having everything on me without having to lug around too much is very important to me, not only in everyday life but also during Fashion Week. The Sefora Mini can do both – master the daily routine and serve as an it-piece, pitchforking every street style in Milan in front of the cameras.  

And we're off! Next Stop: Milan! If you want to know which bag I will wear to the AIGNER Fashion Show, you should not miss my next article!
Yours truly, Kate