I've packed my Tonda Bag... and am flying to Milan for the AIGNER Fashion Show  


It's finally here - after New York and London, the Fashion Week in Milan is just around the corner. My personal highlight of the year! Because the asphalt is still warm from the summer, everybody around you is savoring the last balmy evenings and AIGNER is presenting the upcoming Spring & Summer 17 Collection in their show. It's a uniquely pleasant feeling. Every time! Do you want to know which bag I will wear to the show this time? This year's it-bag, of course: AIGNER's Tonda Bag!  

Creative director Christian Beck showed the bag for the first time during the last show in Milan, in spring, and I fell for it instantly! As did many others: the small round bag managed to be included in the wardrobe of VIPs, bloggers and faithful AIGNER customers at record speed. Even though it's really more of an eye-catching accessory than a functional bag, as I would not describe its interior as a space saver. However, its public perception is huge, so it definitely has its use for special occasions, alongside all the other practical bags women already possess.  

In my next article, I will show you my Fashion Show look with the Tonda Bag as well as my personal highlights from the AIGNER runway.  

Milano - arrivo!