It is true, you do not have to follow every trend. Today, I would like to tell you why we should nevertheless invest in an AIGNER mini-bag like the Dora, the little sister of the Diadora Bag:

1. In a mini bag, everything is in its place. No more endless searching and rummaging around. Our keys, lipstick and mobile phone immediately catch our eye.

2. And it is the eye-catcher for every outfit. One might think that a mini bag quickly gets lost. Not the Dora Bag. Thanks to its cute check pattern and its really so unusual size, you get two trends in one bag. The Dora Bag is the true star of every look and its colors harmonize with every conceivable shade.

3. You feel weightless.  How often was I plagued by back pain due to the one-sided wearing of a bag and at how many parties did I prefer watching others instead of joining in and dancing wildly? Thanks to the mini bag, we have our hands and our head free and still manage to carry everything that matters.

And it has even more features. If you want to use it as an evening bag, you can carry it elegantly in your hand using the small top handle and gracefully place it on the table. The chain makes it casual and classy for your day-to-day life. I love multifunctional bags, don’t you? 

I told you, a small bag with a great effect!
Yours, Kate