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THE DADINO STORY - The new AIGNER signature print

Fall/Winter 2021

Expressive and luxurious - AIGNER establishes its new signature print Dadino which is inspired by a pattern from a 1970s travel suitcase and launches the „THE CORE Collection“.

A successful travel suitcase from the 70s featuring striking trimmings like a kind of checkerboard pattern in different shades of brown, punctuated by the iconic horseshoe logo was the creative trigger for the logo pattern revival at AIGNER. With its unmistakable style, it became the archetype for the new „THE CORE Collection“ and the brand‘s new pattern: „Dadino“. The name „Dadino“ originates from Italian and can be translated into „little cube“. With its vintage flair and luxurious yet concise look, the print embodies the distinctive AIGNER DNA and is reimagined as AIGNER‘s new signature pattern.

In the new Fall/Winter 2021 collection, the Dadino print will make its grand appearance: in addition to the new „THE CORE Collection“, well-known bag series from AIGNER, such as the DIADORA as well as the ADRIA series and some accessories will come in the Dadino look. The special feature is the completely sustainable material of the Dadino models: to achieve a weather-resistant, durable finish for the recycled fabric, the fabric gets a coating. Recycled plastic (PVB) is also used here - a byproduct from old windshields. Recycled leather is used for the trim on individual series and the lining is also made of recycled material and organic cotton. The new „THE CORE Collection“ is a unisex collection and consists of modern silhouettes for everyday life featuring a spacious backpack, a weekender, a tote, a crossbody bag and a cell phone case.

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