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Fall/Winter 2019

AIGNER is delighted to have style icon IRIS APFEL representing its new Fall/Winter 2019 collection for the second time.

Like no other, IRIS APFEL is the epitome of independent style. At 97 years old, she does not feel bound to any fashion trend, but is dedicated solely to her very own look. At the same time she advances the view: “Style has nothing to do with age”. IRIS APFEL is the perfect choice for AIGNER’s Fall/Winter Campaign, which follows no universal trend, but the independent concept ENLIGHTENMENT – liberation from outdated ideas and turn towards progress. The collection is characterized by patterns comprised of flowers, checks and the AIGNER logo pattern – these can be found in all categories, from bags through accessories and scarves to shoes. In addition there is a deep black – not only the obligatory colour in the bag series, but also in the new leather jackets, leather coats and soft leather vests with a “puffed up” look.

IRIS APFEL has been embedded in the world of patterns to match the bag designs and looks. She charismatically presents the new models such as “Dea Bag”, “Epona Bag” and “Milano Bag” alongside the signature bag “Cybill” amid a sea of flowers, in a checked room and against a wall bearing the AIGNER horseshoe, which has been the label’s unique monogram since its founding in 1965. Extraordinary scarf designs complete the outfits. The products and IRIS APFEL thus stand in the focus of attention and are given room to unfold their full effect. AIGNER also insists on big names when choosing its photographer and location: shot at the exclusive Milk Studios in New York, the dramatic photographic style of Ruven Afnador and his team succeeds in giving IRIS APFEL and the AIGNER Collection a luxurious, modern and unmistakable look.

Two Icons together becoming a legend.

Sibylle Schön, CEO AIGNER, comments on the collaboration: “Meeting Iris Apfel was a very special experience once again – we are very happy that we were able to have her for our campaign one more time.”


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