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UNTITLED - Spring/Summer 2022

Spring/Summer 2022

At the beginning each new painting starts as white canvas. It creates space for innovation and gives the artist the freedom for a new beginning and unlimited possibilities. The new AIGNER Spring/Summer 2022 collection “Untitled“ stands for exactly the same. It highlights a departure, is without restrictions, creative and individual.

For the campaign shoot, a location was chosen that authentically reflects the reference to art in an authentic way. The studio of the well-known artist Bernd Zimmer near Lake Starnberg is full of artworks, paint pots and splashes of colors on the ground - the appropriate place, therefore, to stage the new collection. Bernd Zimmer‘s art is inspired by his numerous voyages to Asia, South and Central America and the local nature. He combines what he has seen and experienced in abstract painting using bold colors. His paintings are the perfect frame for a collection that is filled with bright nuances such as “Marigold Orange” or “Pesto Green“, but also repeatedly creates tonal references to nature.

The fashion photographer Andreas Ortner stages the models in front of Zimmer‘s color-intensive paintings, which harmonize perfectly with the plain looks. The highlight bags of the season are are presented with fashion pieces in the iconic AIGNER Dadino pattern, modern denim looks and a summery white dress. The CALLA Bag CHIASSO, a fancy saddle bag in bohemian chic, is highlighted by the reduced outfit of the model. The LIVIA Bag with diamond-shaped embossing and eye-catching details on the shoulder strap is combined with a cool jeans look. Even the new loungewear collection, consisting of cardigans, culottes and sweaters made from fine organic cotton, is combined with the AIGNER signature bag CYBILL. The signature print Dadino plays a leading role in this collection and is shown in an exposed all-over look with matching bags.

The international models Nya Gatbel, Valeriia Merzlikina, Yao Shiau, Tommaso Bellini & Yuma Kawai with their extraordinary and individual look are a perfect match to the collection theme and at the same time represent the presence of the brand in the different cultural areas of Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The new collection plays jauntily with calm natural tones such as „Hazelnut Brown“, „Marzipan Beige“ or „Misty Rose“ by constantly keeping the strong AIGNER DNA in mind. Intense, summery shades like „Marigold Orange“ and „Pesto Green“ create the contrast. They awaken anticipation of summer and create the desire for adventure.

The collection‘s idea of individuality is also reflected in the exciting seasonal specials of the CALLA, LIVIA and TARA series. It‘s all about AIGNER classics being interpreted in a modern way and creating that certain something with fascinating details.


Every season the signature bag by AIGNER is an important part of the collection. The established models come in the seasonal colours „Marigold Orange“, „Milk White“ and „Hazelnut Brown“. The CYBILL Special is an exciting play of colour and shape. An applicated rhomb shaped lattice creates a three-dimensional effect which is enhanced by the different colours. The colour combinations Marzipan Beige/Milk White and Black/Cardboard Beige give the Special a summery, light yet elegant look. In addition, the CYBILL also comes in the new signature print „Dadino“ in the classic variant „Dadino Brown“ and in the summery light „Dadino Beige“.


The new EVA series embodies classic elegance in a contemporary finish and design. The highlight of the series is the striking clasp which is inspired by the iconic AIGNER belt buckle. Like all the metal parts the chain shoulder strap with braided leather band is made of satin gold. The EVA series comes as a practical crossbody bag in two different sizes.


The MARIELLA series revives the iconic curved AIGNER saddle bag. The characteristically rounded and attached front pocket gives the series a charming shape. The shoulder straps are adjustable in length with the help of two logo buckles, making the MARIELLA a comfortable crossbody to wear. The bag also comes in a version with the new AIGNER signature print „Dadino“ - in summery „Dadino Beige“ and classic „Dadino Brown“. Its shoulder strap is adorned with a high-quality chain element.


Casual cool - the new ZITA series gets a sporty look with its design and the modern webbing strap. The outer patch pockets create an extra portion of storage space. The eye-catcher of the series is the AIGNER lettering embossed into the leather in the bottom panel and the summery colour palette.


The LIVIA also gets a summery, playful look in this collection: a modern diamond embossing and diamond details on the shoulder straps make the bag an eye-catcher. The special LIVIA RICAMA is adorned with filigree gold embroidery with a love to detail and guarantees a luxurious appearance.

In addition to the season‘s novelties, already well-known and popular AIGNER series are also restaged with special styles. CALLA CHIASSO is an extravagant special of the popular CALLA series from last season. A multitude of different metal applications adorn the body of the bag and the shoulder strap - pure bohemian chic.

The classic TARA is back as a handbag this season. A special highlight is the summery leather weave, which gives the range a casual look.

The IVY series is an important part of every collection. It is the perfect companion for every occasion - be it for the office, for shopping or as an evening bag. In the new collection, it comes in an extravagant lizard look with a two-tone effect for an authentic appearance.

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